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[stockie_process number="01." title="Schedule a call" description="Click the schedule button to book your call at a time that works for you, answer the call prep Q&A, and then purchase the session to lock in your time slot. I will then review your answers and we can look forward to our talk!"]
[stockie_process number="02." title="Coaching Call" description="Our 1-on-1 sessions will be conducted over a Zoom video call or Skype. You will have the chance to ask questions and get answers for all of our focus items laid out in step 1."]
[stockie_process number="03." title="Recap + Homework" description="After our session, I will send you a PDF neatly organized with a link to our call recording, summary of our talking points, and homework items for you to complete in order to work towards your desired results."]
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[stockie_accordion accordion_tabs_type="default"][stockie_accordion_inner title="Section 1" tab_id="1579283874891-5255c643-e5dd" heading="Who is this call best for?"][stockie_text]This call is ideal for personal & human-centered brands who have been trying to get results on social media but can’t seem to figure it out yet. You understand it’s important to give back value to your community and you’re ready to work past any fears of showing up on camera for your audience. If you’re looking for a quick and easy overnight fix this is not for you. Building an influential social presence takes work and I can help but you’ll need to do your share of the work.[/stockie_text][/stockie_accordion_inner][stockie_accordion_inner title="Section 2" tab_id="1579283874925-56481077-262e"][stockie_text]

This call is not for:

  • People who use bots or fake engagement software and have no intention of stopping

  • People who haven’t yet posted anything on their accounts

  • People who don’t want to put in the work.

  • Any non-business accounts

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